Welcome Parents

Dear Parents,

        We appreciate the thought and effort you have put forth in your child's education. We thank you for taking the time to read through this website and hope you find it useful in understanding a little bit more about what we are doing here with your children at South Bay Beach Cities Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten .

       Each day your child will be enriched with Montessori lessons that will help, stimulate the mind and body. Children will work at their own pace being exposed to various materials and lessons which are based on their individual level, and will be tailored around the child's individual needs. They will develop and refine skills in language, mathematics, science and cultural studies, as well as refining gross and fine motor development. Children will learn practical life skills which will enforce independence and individuality in their everyday lives. We believe that the classroom belongs to the children and learning should be an enjoyable experience. Therefore, they will be academically engaged with the arts and will thrive in their environment.

     Our program includes daily Montessori work periods where children will work independently or in small groups on various materials and areas in the classroom. In addition to the Montessori Methods in the classroom, each day your child has the opportunity to participate in various enrichment activities such as Music, Spanish, Art, Computers, Sports and Outdoor Education. However, we hold close to our Montessori philosophy in that children will not be forced or coerced into anything they do not feel comfortable doing. We work with each child and hope to expand his/her horizons, nurturing them in new and exciting experiences which will help them learn and grow in their academic journey.

Very truly yours,

Ms. Joy Harbison

Montessori Directress

    South Bay Beach Cities Montessori 

        Preschool and Kindergarten